Time to celebrate as the Bikram word is well & truly out

1006180_10200119748376498_630189015_n_copyTime to celebrate as the Bikram word is well & truly out! Liverpool is loving the traditional & very first hot yoga sequence 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises taught in the Bikram way

My love for Bikram you might even call it an addiction has been further highlighted this month as I have been lucky enough to holiday in Portugal & Amsterdam, practicing daily in both very beautiful very different countries, and after both I literally hopped off the plane into the Bikram studio to get my fix, for me every day my love for yoga grows further establishing my connection with Bikram.


10 days out of the hot room meant my class was huge challenge, but I loved it and the result was a Bikram yoga high, no holiday blues :0)

To continue on with my Bikram yoga high the next day after my return I was lucky enough to do a Bikram yoga demonstration at the Moorecrofts ladies evening, combining both beginners and advanced postures. I really enjoyed it, although it was a challenge & totally took me out of my comfort zone, but I just imagined it was me on the mat & it seemed to work, we have had lots of enquiries from the night, so the Bikram word continues.


One of the most amazing parts of being a yogi is the universal language of a yoga you can go anywhere in the world and be connected with a room full of people you have never met before absorbing energy, vibrating positive intentions as well as releasing thoughts & feelings that no longer serve you.


You can practise yoga anywhere just roll out your mat and get your yoga on, or even practice like me in Portugal, get under a tree on a piece of grass and feel the connection with the earth :0) yoga to me is expression of every thought and feeling, I love my yoga dance.

July sees the start of our 3rd 30 challenge, some of our yogis are nearly half way through!! Bikram Liverpool embracing the challenge everyday :0) see you there.

Love x light x peace x Namaste xxx