Let Bikram yoga be your vehicle to be a "super" you...

Second instalment on the chakras is one that has been particularly prevalent to me recently & during my mediation, the colour purple has often radiated. Brow chakra relates to your third eye, your intuition, allowing you to be totally connected to yourself & the aura of others around you, it's the feeling of the gut instinct when you just know something is not right, the deeper the connection the more likely you are not only to feel intuition, but act on it.

There has probably been more than one occasion in your life when you have felt a "sixth sense' & unfortunately more than one time you have ignored it, only realizing after the event or relationship that your intuition was right your third eye was watching, but you were not ready to listen.

The brow chakra is located between the two eyebrows, and as well as intuition, it is also related to your creativity,  connection with this chakra will support your ability to go with the flow of life being in the present, putting yourself in the arms of the universe, trusting the process realizing your true purpose in life your darma.

During our Bikram yoga practise there are many opportunities for us to stimulate this chakra whether it be forehead on the knee or on the floor. In Dandayamana Janushirasana getting the forehead on the floor is key  to stimulate & realise the powers of our third eye. I use the analogy all the time with my Yoga Bears referring to their chakras; power centres as their super powers.

I also think as adults we should think about our chakras, why put limits on ourselves? we have so much potential inside of us beyond our wildest dreams, we just have to learn to tap into by connecting our body & mind, yoga is our vehicle for doing this, the releasing of our super powers the true potential within.

Next Time you are in a pose stimulating the brow chakra really take your attention to this area where  thousands of energy pathways (nadis) lie,  you have the key to your super powers so use it,   Let Bikram yoga be your vehicle  to be a "super" you.