The School of Life - Back to Bikram School

Hello September, I love this time of year it feels so fresh you can smell autumn and the leaves have begun to make their decent from the trees but it is not too cold and we are lucky to be enjoying the suns rays. September sees my two babies back at school, and it feels like mummy’s back at school too my diary is getting more organised and I am in the process of organising my time so I get to dedicate time to all the things I love (mostly children and yoga related :0)) including writing and connecting with my beautiful Bikram family.

To connect with ourselves, and every being around us I think it helps to have a point of focus to our lives, otherwise we are in danger of getting caught on the big wheel of life and before we know our life is not our own, it is important to live your fullest life, give your best in everything you choose to do, and do what you love, and what allows you to love yourself. This is not saying take the easy option and like Bikram the greatest challenges bring the greatest rewards and often the greatest Love for ourselves.

The universe has power over our points of focus and as the seasons change, often so do our moods and our activities, it is important to be mindful as the seasons and the months change so we can set clear intentions, and live our own lives not get caught up in a routine of just going through the motions. As the months progress we will be having points of focus, to motivate, inspire and get connected both at Bikram and our non hot studio Shakti. 

To set the foundations to our practice September sees us back to school of life, back to Bikram school, cleansing our mind body and soul, allowing ourselves to live our fullest life. By clearing our minds through yoga it allows us to listen to the inner voice which allows us to be the master of your own destiny.

From the moment we are born we start our evolution, each day changing, progressing through stages, as we develop to childhood schooling becomes an integral part of our life to gain knowledge and experiences about a vast array of subjects. Just as we go through innumerable experiences with life to gain happiness, in the same way we are spiritual beings (jivatma) and evolve over time to experience and manifest your true potential.

It is magical therefore that we are spiritual students in the greatest school there is……the school of life, at Bikram school to celebrate the new moon early September we are focusing on a feng shui perspective, clearing our minds to find our centre focusing on cleansing through our practice……the more hot and sweaty the better.

As we move on through the month we will be highlighting the importance of looking at our practice holistically making weakness into strength focusing on our least favourite postures because that is we’re we really begin to transform our practice and progress in the school of life.

In conclusion for September always finishing the month of with a Bikram yoga high we will be focusing on the positives of the month being present and trusting the process it is the little tiny changes that’s soon combine to make the big changes.

To highlight the progress in our practise the first Monday of every month at the 10 am class before and after we will be giving students the opportunity to have their pictures taken in postures so they can compare their progress, so bring your phones for fun and the studio camera will be available also.


I am happy to be back on the Bikram podium and my regular class is Monday evenings 6pm so please come and join me, Bikram yoga Liverpool is now 2 years older and I could not be prouder you are a beautiful diverse community…. what does a Bikram yogi look like? happy…. to be at the school of life.


Don’t forget about our official Bikram party on the 2nd of October bring a plate of your favorite veggie dish to share, lets get connected there is no party like a Bikram party.



Happy September


love x light x flight


Stel xxx