Evolve in the Hot Room 2015

Evolve in the Hot Room 2015

- NEW 60 minute Evolve and Bikram Express classes in the hot room

- Bikram Yoga Liverpool and Shakti Studios – Two Become One

We would like, if we may, to give you a new perspective on our beautiful studio, in time for the new year. Whether you are a Bikram Yoga Liverpool member, a Shakti Studios member or dipping your toe in the water of both you are a part of our yoga family! From now on, you will hear us refer to that as the Shakti Studios family. Bikram is a hugely important part of what we offer here at Shakti Studios but it is just one part of a greater whole.

We are excited to announce that in January 2015 we will begin offering two new 60 minute classes in the heated studio – bikram yoga express and Evolve. Our hot yogis will have access to both new classes as part of their membership price, so it's time to stop thinking of the space as simply Bikram Yoga Liverpool and start thinking of it as the Shakti Studios Hot Room, home of Bikram Yoga Liverpool, bikram express and Evolve!

What This Means for Members

We're bringing you more for your membership in 2015.

Members of Shakti Studios Hot Room (accessed via the Great Crosshall Street entrance) get 90 minute bikram classes, 60 minute bikram express classes and 60 minute Evolve classes as part of their membership price. An expanded and more flexible timetable to suit busy lifestyles.

Members of Shakti Studios Yoga Space (accessed via the Lace Street entrance) get aerial yoga, as well as a programme of other yoga and meditation classes detailed at www.shakti-studios.com. The yoga space is our dedicated, room temperature studio, for when you want to stretch not sweat!

And, of course, you can be a member of Shakti's yoga space and hot room combined for just £80 per month.

What is Evolve?

We are so excited to Evolve with you!!

Designed by our very own Estelle and Carliann, Evolve is a new movement series, drawing inspiration from all the different forms of yoga and meditation that Shakti Studios offers. We will Evolve in the hot room and it is a 60 minute class especially designed to help our yogi family take their practice to a whole new level.
It's a natural progression for you bikramers and also those of you not drawn to a 90 minutes in the hot room. Evolve is a grounding, enlightening, movement sequence, set to music and incorporates principals of meditation, encouraging people to develop their physical body and relax their mind.

We'll let Estelle and Carliann explain.

Estelle says:
“Evolve is designed and lead by us yogis but we decided to remove all labels from this class and simply call it movement. We often get too hung up on labels. People ask 'do you practice bikram or ashtanga?' and 'do you do yoga for fitness or to balance your mind?' These questions inevitably lead to other ones like 'does it work?' and 'are you good at it?' With Evolve we have tried to create a 60 minute time slot where people feel liberated and free to develop at their own pace and have fun. It's less about doing it right and more about just letting yourself go.”

Carliann says:
“We have a state-of-the-art heating system and a loyal, growing core of members. Evolve brings them an opportunity to learn new skills. It's just 60 minutes long but fits a lot in. We have incorporated moves to strengthen, balance and detoxify the body.

“We hope that every time you step onto the mat to 'Evolve' it not only builds strength and flexibility but takes you on a journey one step closer to peace.”

We hope you are as excited about Evolve as we are! Feel free to ask us questions about it next time you are in the studio and look out for class times, starting January 2015.

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Namaste yogis