Ashtanga and Somatics Workshop.

A unique workshop combining both Ashtanga Yoga and Somatics.

The event takes place on Sunday 6th December between 12-4pm. There are limited places available, so booking early is advised.

Price: £50 and £45 for members – a deposit can be taken to guarantee booking. Click here to Book

The Workshop will include:

• Breathing Exercises
• Adjustments from both April and Alex
• Relaxation
• Mini head Massages
• Meditation

This event is a unique experience that will combine a traditional yoga practice with Hanna Somatics. It will focus on the correct alignment of fundamental Ashtanga postures whilst using Somatics to reawaken the mind’s control of movement and flexibility in the body; helping to release over tight and contracted muscles.

What is Somatics?

Somatics can be considered as movement therapy and a way of re-educating the way our brian senses and moves the muscles in our body, using small simple movements to bring greater awareness. Combining Yoga and Somatics is the perfect unity, helping us gain a greater sense of wellbeing, increased mobility, strength and posture.